The Science Behind Our Products

Our products were created using the principals of Korean Natural Farming and Permaculture. 


Soil microbes are an emerging important aspect missing from most plant food products and are harmed by traditional chemical fertilizers. How important are soil microbes? Microbes have been shown to be the primary pathway in which plants uptake nutrients. Emerging science shows that microbes in the soil eat nutrients and then move into the roots of plants where the plants receive the nutrients from the microbes before the microbes go back out into the soil to eat more nutrients! 


Beneficial microbes also defend plants from certain plant diseases and fungi by out competing them for nutrients and by helping make the plants stronger and better able to defend themselves.


The nutrients are also super important. We have developed our products so that they contain micro and macro nutrients. Macro nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium - the typical NPK plus calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Micro nutrients are just as important but needed in smaller quantities. Micro nutrients include iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper and molybdenum. There are many more nutrients than just these in healthy soil.


So why are our products low in NPK? We combine our nutrients with microbes so the microbes actually eat the nutrients and store it in their own bodies where we can't test for them. The nutrients are still there and in a form readily available for plants but not in quantities or forms that can burn plants. 


We have tried to overdose plants with our products but never succeed unless the plant is very small with unestablished roots and a large amount of undiluted product is used.


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