Fertilizer the Elm Dirt Way

Why 75,000 customers keep asking us to find more retail stores for them...

Meet Lauren Cain

Lauren is not just our CEO; she’s our heart and soul. Four years ago, a typical day in the garden with her young daughter sparked an idea – an idea to make gardening safer, greener, and much more fruitful. She envisioned a world where fertilizers could be as safe for kids and pets as they are effective for plants. A world where sustainability and productivity didn’t have to compete but could grow hand in hand. That’s when Elm Dirt planted its first seed.

From Worms to Wins

Our journey began in Lauren’s dining room, home to our first worm farm. The worms multiplied, the ideas sprouted, and before long, our basement turned into a worm-filled wonderland. Fast forward to today, and we’re operating out of our own warehouse in Kansas City. We’re creating, testing, and shipping bottles of our game-changing fertilizers from here, each one meticulously crafted to nourish your plants and protect the planet.

We Do Fertilizers Differently​

The Results Speak for Themselves

75,000 plant owners have already witnessed the power of Elm Dirt. Awards have been won. Reviews have been glowing. And the best part? Our commitment to your plants’ happiness doesn’t end when we ship out our products. 

The Future is in Your Hands.

We live in a shared world, a world that grows and flourishes when we work together. At Elm Dirt, we’re committed to making a difference, one customer at a time. And now, we invite you to join our journey. Take a leap of faith with us. Stock your shelves with Elm Dirt and let’s watch a greener, happier world bloom together.

We have products for everyone

We have products for...

  • Outdoor Gardeners
  • Indoor Plant Lovers
  • Lawn Care Enthusiasts
  • Vegetable Beds
  • Fruiting Trees
  • Tropical and Exotic Plants
  • Both Liquids and Soils

Contribute to the Cause

Each Elm Dirt product sold helps to reduce water usage, attract more pollinators, and promote the use of post-consumer recycled plastic or compostable materials. By offering Elm Dirt in your store, you’re contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world, one product at a time.


We Make it Easy for New Retailers Too

Start with as Little as 1 Box

We have talked with our fair share of stores that want high MOQs. No one wants to shell out $1000’s on a new product line from the start.

That’s why we have build our wholesale program to be as low barrier to entry as possible. 

Start with just 1 case pack, and we know your customers will be hooked.

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