Get 20-30x the Nutrients with the Secondary Root System

Here's why health conscious gardeners are trying and sticking with this new fertilizer over others...

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Nearly 2/3 of traditional fertilizer goes to waste. This means your $15-$20 bottle of fertilizer is actually costing you $45-$60. You need a fertilizer that can actually utilize all the nutrients you are paying for.

A true living soil creates a secondary root system using fungi. This is called the mycorrhizae. It allows up to 20-30x the nutrient uptake compared to the normal plant’s root system.

1. Happy, Healthy Plants

2. Rapid and robust growth

3. More blooms and flowers than you know what to do with

4. Bigger, healthier vegetables and fruits

5. A garden on autopilot

6. Have comfort knowing you are using award winning formulas

7. People, pet, and pollinator friendly

8. Sustainable and organic ingredients

9. A company devoted to growing together in your garden and in the world

10. Remove the need for constant fertilization

11. Don't experiment with untested new fertilizers

12. Using the wrong nutrients for vegetables

13. Less nutrient dense fruits and vegetables because of lack of micro-nutrients

14. Avoid hours and hours of time invested in your garden without enjoying it

15. Avoid starting from 0 every year by building up your soil

16. Avoid


2,348 Five Star Reviews and over 75,000 Happy Plant Owners

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