Silver Dragon Alocasia

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Alocasia Silver Dragon is an extraordinary plant that is considered more difficult to find. With remarkable silvery, textured leaves, this plant is named for the foliage that resembles dragon scales.

*Pictured is a few Silver Dragon Alocasia's we have available. We have a range of 4" Pot Silver Dragon Alocasia's. When you purchase you will receive a Silver Dragon Alocasia, but it may not be the one pictured*

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Care Instructions

  • Watering: Water when the top 2 inches feels dries out or when a moisture meter reads 6 or less. Try to keep on top of watering at the right time but it is okay if you allow it to dry out a bit more than necessary, This alocasia is a bit more tolerant to dry conditions.

  • Lighting: Medium-bright indirect sunlight. Direct sun will burn the leaves

  • Soil: A well draining mix is necessary. You can buy a specific alocasia potting mix or mix up a light airy soilless mix such as equal amounts of coco coir, orchid bark and perlite.

  • Temperature and Humidity: Between 55-80 degrees is necessary to keep this plant alive. 50% humidity or higher will keep this plant surviving but 60%-70% humidity is ideal to keep it thriving.

  • Extra Care Tips: Avoid placing this plant in drafty areas. Placing a small humidifier/essential oil diffuser filled with water nearby, 2-3 times weekly during the dry months will help this plant thrive. Placing it in a terrarium, humidity dome or cabinet will work great. In the winter do not be alarmed if a few leaves drop or turn yellow, this is normal when the temperatures change, just cut them off and keep caring for the plant as needed.

  • Pet Toxicity: This plant is toxic if ingested and can cause skin irritation, keep away from children and curious pet.

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