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Get a Houseplant Bundle for all your indoor plant needs! This bundle includes an LED Plant Light, Aroid Mix, Plant Juice, Plant Perfection, Elm Dirt Microfiber cloth and Elm Dirt Measuring Cup.

LED Plant Light is perfect for adding additional light to your space. Easily add an LED Plant Light to any plant to give it it’s own sun! Aroid Mix imitate the plants natural environment of the rainforest floor. Orchid bark creates a chunky mix allowing air circulation to these plant’s unique roots. Plant Juice helps promote healthy root and foliage growth while providing your plants with macro and micronutrients. Use Elm Dirt Measuring Cup to measure out Plant Juice. Plant Perfection helps get rid of pesky pest, pest eggs, dust and product stains on leaves while giving it an all-natural shine! Use the Elm Dirt Microfiber cloth to clean plants leaves.

Bundle Includes:
– 32 ounce Plant Juice
– 16 ounce Plant Perfection
– 3 quarts of Aroid Mix
– 28 inch Adjustable LED Plant Light
– Elm Dirt Microfiber Cloth
– 2 ounce Stainless Steel Measuring Cup

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Houseplant Bundle
$89.95 or subscribe and save up to 15%
Subscribe and Save 15%
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