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Plant Juice

This Mighty Organic Bio-Fertilizer can help Change your Plants and your Home for as Little as $0.05 per Plant Feeding while Making an Actual Impact on the Environment

Plant Juice

This Mighty Organic Bio-Fertilizer can help Change your Plants and your Home for as Little as $0.05 per Plant Feeding while Making an Actual Impact on the Environment

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Stop using Toxic-Synthetic Fertilizer that Gets your Plants Addicted

The future of fertilizer is organic, sustainable, safe, and makes your plants grow like crazy

The Before

Kills everything in the soil except for the plant

Most nutrients don't go to the plant

​Manufacturing process is extremely destructive

​Contains only 3 nutrients

The After

Builds up living soil and microbes for healthier plants

Safe for People, Pets, and Pollinators

Contains over 50 micro and macro nutrients

​Made from organic and sustainable ingredients in the USA

Rebuild The Living Soil, Traditional Fertilizer Kills all of the plant's natural symbiotic micro-organisms

Plant Juice

What Makes PLANT JUICE So Unique?

Elm Dirt’s Plant Juice is the only ‘bio friendly’ plant probiotic that’s hand-brewed using chemical-free worm castings to ensure your plants enjoy the highest microbial activity possible.
One ounce of Plant Juice will give you 2 gallons of organic, probiotic-filled plant food. (We recommend using it every other time you add water.)
It’s great for indoor and outdoor plants since it boosts microbial activity like a high-quality probiotic.
It’s never stinky, unlike other worm and fish-based fertilizers.
It lasts for an entire year once it’s opened.
The best part is it helps you enjoy happy and healthy plants year-round even if you’re not an experienced plant owner because…
  • It works for the weekend gardener who loves getting their hands dirty but hates putting chemicals in the ground…
  • ​It works for the vegetable grower who hates picking weeds and watching their plants struggle to produce yummy fruit…
  • ​It works for the passionate flower enthusiast who adores compliments and hates aphids…
  • And it works for anyone who wasn’t born with a ‘green thumb’…

So why does Plant Juice work wonders at helping any plant thrive?

We didn’t just add the most robust and effective plant probiotic you can find. We took it one step further because we knew you’d want the best-looking plants, period.

That’s why Plant Juice also contains…
  • It contains fast-absorbing ‘zero digest’ micronutrients that easily penetrate any root system, which floods hungry plants with energy-boosting nutrients, and makes your food healthier….Feature: 
  • ​It contains humus (or soil cotton) which draws life-giving moisture into the root system of growing plants so nutrients are lubricated and transferred into the heart of your plants at a faster than normal pace…
  • It contains a huge concentration of living probiotics and soil-enhancing organisms which come directly from the worm’s gut that skyrockets soil and plant health…

This is why you’ll glad to know, Plant Juice works just like a multivitamin AND probiotic for your ALL types of plants.

Science-Backed Nutrients

THREE Science-Backed Nutrients To Help Your Plants Reach Their FULL Potential​

Kelp: The ‘Stress Reliever’ From The Sea

Organic Kelp can knock out plant stress like Mike Tyson’s left hook because it contains over 70 fast-acting organic micronutrients.

This is why a small dose will…
  • Increase flower production…
  • Extend the life of fresh-cut flowers…
  • Reduce plant stress by keeping growth hormones balanced…
  • Make fruit EXPLODE with flavor and sweetness…
  • Boost growth rate and root mass (even in slow-growing or wilting plants)…
  • Make veggies grow bigger, more flavorful, and less prone to softening. So they can sit in your fridge a few extra days and stay fresh and crisp…

Alfalfa: The Multi-Vitamin

Alfalfa contains a unique combination of trace elements known for stimulating growth from the inside out. This helps gorgeous plants (like flowering perennials and shrubs) bloom faster so you enjoy colorful flowers instead of tightly-wound buds…

What most people don’t realize about Alfalfa is that it contains all natural organic GROWTH STIMULANT called triacontanol.
And this is what transforms root and stem development to help…
  • Increase fruit production so you can grow all the food you need even with a tiny garden…
  • Improve soil tilth so your dirt is lighter and fluffier which helps accelerate root growth…
  • ​Reduce plant stress by keeping growth hormones balanced…
    Newborn sprouts and young plants ‘grow like weeds’…
  • ​Boost growth rate and root mass (even in slow-growing or wilting plants)…
    ​Plants grow stronger stems, leaves, and flowers…

Lactobacillus: Mother Nature’s Growth Accelerant

Lactobacillus is an eco-friendly bacteria that literally sterilizes your soil by removing all the GROSS chemicals and years of built-up waste, attacking bad organisms (which reduces plant disease), and rebalancing the healthy bacteria in your soil.

 But what you may not know is that it acts like a powerful ‘growth accelerant.’

If you recall, I mentioned that plants of all kinds experience unheard of growth when they can hook their root system to a nutrient source like an umbilical cord.
The only way this can happen is if you have a dump truck load of living organisms in your soil, and break down nutrients like a jackhammer smashing through concrete so they’re ‘zero digest.’
Lactobacillus is the superhero that achieves all this by attracting healthy fungus, yeast, and other crucial organisms.
Which is why we wanted Lactobacillus in our formulation as soon as we discovered it’s plant-enhancing benefits.

Behind The Scene

The Story Behind Plant Juice

I know it’s a bit messy, but farming isn’t a clean business.

For Earthday when I was 5, my friend Laura and I rescued worms from becoming crispy on the sidewalk.
My dad taught me what worms do and we relocated those worms to his vegetable garden to help the plants grow.
As I grew up, I dreamed about making the world a better place and working a job I felt passionate about.
Then I heard about worm farming from my Aunt’s dad who had a worm farm in the 80s and sold his worm castings locally.
As I did more research into worm castings and how great they are for the environment, I knew I had to share this with as many people as I could!
I was hooked.
Like my Dad, I want to set a good example for my kids to follow.
I want them to grow up to respect and appreciate God’s gifts. 
So when my husband asked me what type of business I wanted…
I knew it had to be “worm farming”, which sounds super weird for a grown woman to get so excited about.
But the truth is, it’s weirdly satisfying.
You might not believe me when I tell you this… but our worming adventure started in our basement with 3 large black plastic tubs from the local container store.

The best part was the looks (especially from relatives) when I told people what the bins were for…

In fact, no one couldn’t believe they didn’t stink (including me).
The good news is we’ve been rapidly expanding.
First, we took over the basement…

My kids loved getting their hands dirty

Now we have our own warehouse.....

The best part is this means we’re able to process a MASSIVE amount of food waste like spent grains from breweries, coffee grounds from espresso bars, and veggie pulp from juice bars.

Over 1000 lbs per week!

And if I’m being completely honest…
It feels like I’m finally having a measurable impact.
The reason I’m telling you all this is because we’re on a mission, and we want you to be part of it.
Our goal with Elm Dirt is to create a tribe of like-minded people who love plants and nature…
Who wants to leave less of a carbon footprint…
And who fully understands the impact of producing less waste and protecting our environment.
That’s why we hope you’ll join us on our mission by choosing to use Plant Juice.

We’re in this for the long run

ECO Friendly

Plant Juice Is Environmentally-Friendly

Did you know that when you choose Plant Juice you’re making a positive impact on the environment?
We believe in being responsible stewards of our planet and the environment.
So we pride ourselves on setting the right example for our children and making an impact that will last a long, long time.
This is why…
  • Each bottle helps reduce landfill waste – We collect healthy food scraps from local juice bars, smoothie shops, and restaurants so it doesn’t get sent to a landfill…
  • ​Each bottle helps reduce greenhouse emissions – Worms naturally convert food waste into healthy soil instead of breaking down and transforming into toxic greenhouse gas…
  • It’s completely safe around children and pets – Because it’s 100% organic and absorbs without a trace into any soil type so dangerous chemical residue won’t get tracked into your home…
  • ​It WILL NOT contaminate your water system – Because it only contains all-natural chemical-free ingredients found in nature that are safe for kids and pets…

Client Testimonials

Why Our Customers KEEP Coming Back… Real People - Real Results

“… more branches sprouting. It’s finally happy!”

“We planted my redbud tree at the beginning of quarantine and it struggled! It’s a hot location that gets hot summer sun all day long. Seriously all day!
We kept it watered as best we could but it didn’t look like it would make it so I dumped a bunch of worm tea on it and hoped for the best. I used like a half a gallon just on this tree!
It’s leaves look healthier and less crispy. It’s got more branches sprouting! It’s finally happy!”

Thank you elm dirt for giving our zucchini a BIG boost

I thought this Bay Leaf was a GONER!

These two gorgeous jade plants were moved between homes, replanted and NOT happy. Leaves were shriveled, sad and I wasn’t sure they could turn around. But they certainly liked your Worm Tea! The leaves are back to being beautiful, shiny and plump just like before the plants were super stressed. “

“Dear Elm Dirt, your Vermicompost REALLY works wonders! I thought this Bay Leaf was a goner. But after 1 application of your Elm Dirt and some time in the sun look at it now! Thanks for the great products and education!”

Try Plant Boost

Try Plant Boost For 6 FULL Months!

I want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable and happy with your purchase…
So to remove any risk and to give you confidence about your buying decisions, we’re giving you a 180-day money-back guarantee so you can try Plant Juice for yourself (which is unheard of).
That way, if for any reason you’re not excited about the results of Plant Juice , you can get back your entire purchase, no questions asked.
The truth is we’ve seen the results so we’re confident about this not being an issue.
But don’t just take my word for it.
Listen to what our satisfied customers are saying…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plant Juice plant food is hand brewed for each order using fresh chemical-free worm castings and organic plant vitamins, so you’re giving your plants exactly what nature intended to make them grow stronger and healthier.
Remember, one ounce of Plant Juice will give you 2 gallons of organic, probiotic-filled plant food, which is good for boosting microbial activity in both indoor and outdoor plants.
Plant Juice fills ordinary plants with an endless amount of ‘natural’ energy so they want to grow more flowers and bloom, sprout new branches, shade your home, and choke out weeds.
Plant Juice is perfect for indoor plants because it’s never stinky (unlike fish-based fertilizers) because it’s engineered to reduce bad organisms and keep healthy bacteria alive.
And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend the 3-jar option. This ensures you never run out of Plant Juice when you need it most.
How often do I need to use Plant Juice on my plants?
We recommend adding a dose of Plant Juice every other time you water your plants.
It really depends on how big your garden is. But a little goes a long way. And one small 16-ounce jar can give you up to 32 gallons of probiotic rich, plant wellness.
Does it work on any plant, shrub, flower, tree, or type of grass?
Absolutely. It works on anything that lives in the ground.

Most people start noticing a visible difference within 5-7 days. And we’ve found that Plant Boost helps certain types of seeds start sprouting in just days, instead of taking up to 10 days or more.

Yes. Worm castings are fantastic for making soil softer and for laying an optimal microbial foundation. But with added nutrients inside Plant Juice, alfalfa, kelp, lactobacillus, and calcium extract, you’re getting a full-spectrum program for creating ‘living soil’.
No problem. You have 6 FULL months to decide if Plant Juice is for you. So if at any time during those 180 days, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of Plant Juice, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase.
We have two dogs and two young children. And one of our dogs will eat the leaves off literally every indoor plant in our house. But with Plant Juice we’ve never had to worry about him getting sick.
I’ve also had the kids knock over my plants which is a nightmare because those little fertilizer pellets are impossible to clean up.
And you probably know that you have to clean them up quickly before somebody eats them or pops one in their mouth.
But with Plant Juice that’s not something I have to worry about any more.
Plus when the dogs and kids are barefoot in the backyard they’re not absorbing chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides through their feet!

Yes, it’s very effective in that manner. But please keep in mind that you’ll have to rinse and change out your water more often anytime you add microbes to a hydroponic solution.

Yes, Plant Juice works well in hand-held pump sprayers and soil drenching is the best way to concentrate microbes and enzymes in the root zone. While spraying leaves and foliage is perfect for repelling insects and adding extra nutrients in all the right spots.

Since this is organic and 100% all-natural, you have nothing to worry about because an extra dose won’t harm your plants. However, we don’t recommend using more than suggested. In this case, more doesn’t equal better.
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