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It takes ten full days to produce each batch of Plant Juice.

And we always know how much we’re going to make BEFORE we start brewing.

Otherwise, we could end up with a weak batch and have to start over.

Well, when I wasn’t looking my husband doubled the worm casting we normally use.

This meant I had to double the other ingredients as well.

So now we have a HUGE stock of Plant Juice sitting in our warehouse.

And since we need to move all these bottles out of the door, pronto…

We’ve decided to give all our brand-new customers (like you) a special discount as a THANK YOU gift for trusting in Plant Juice.

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You can stock up on Plant Juice by adding…

3 32oz bottles to your order
for just $44.85
(or $14.95 per bag)

That’s a savings of $45.85 off the normal retail price. (a 50% discount)

Plus, we’ll also cover the added shipping for FREE.

Take advantage of this exclusive one-time offer now by clicking the yellow button below. This is the only time you’ll see this offer, and it’s covered by our 6-Month, 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

5 Great Reasons To Add Extra Bottles
Of Plant Juice To Your Order Today
  1. Best price possible – Remember, we’re able to offer you this incredible discount because of an overcalculation on our part. So we’re lowering the cost for a limited time, and passing a generous savings onto you…
  2. Longer-lasting results – Most customers begin noticing more colorful and happier-looking plants within the first 7-10 days but where the growth really kicks in is after 4 weeks and beyond when plants have had enough time to replenish missing nutrients…
  3. ​There’s zero risk – Your purchase is protected for six full months. So if for any reason, or no reason at all, if you feel Plant Booster is not for you, we’ll gladly refund your entire purchase at any time within the next 6 months…
  4. No waiting – Nothing is worse than enjoying happy plants and then having them start looking sad because you run out of product. When you claim this special offer, you won’t have to watch your plants suffer while you wait for additional jars of Plant Booster to arrive…
  5. ​It might be GONE when you need it most – We can’t always guarantee we’ll have Plant Booster in stock when you need it. Our unique ingredients aren’t always easy to find and this can delay manufacturing. That’s why you should stock up now. It would be a shame for plant growth to stop right when they’re looking and feeling their best…

So go ahead and add THREE more jars of Plant Juice to your order today. Remember…

  • It’s just $14.95 per bottle (instant $45.85 savings!)
  • You’ll enjoy FREE shipping (another $9.95 savings)
  • This offer is available on THIS page only

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Add 3 more Plant Juice to your order
for only $45.85 (regularly $89.85),
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