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Elm Dirt Mystery Plant Box

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Elm Dirt Mystery Plant Box

Are you looking to update your indoor jungle with a gorgeous easy-to-care for plant(s)? Elm Dirt Mystery Plant Box is what you are looking for! Elm Dirt’s Mystery Plant Box contains a mystery plant(s) that is delivered to your home every 3 months or just one time. Great for new plant parents and plant experts!


Plants in our Mystery Plant will vary quarterly (every 3 months), valued at the price of the Mystery Box. Meaning the plant(s) we send out quarterly will change every box, that way you never receive the same plant(s).

Plant(s) we send can range from 4″ diameter – 6″ diameter – 8″ diameter in pot size

The number of plants per box can range from 1-3 plants, meaning you can receive one plant, two plants or even THREE plants!

We will provide you with an in-depth plant care card for the plant(s) you received in your Mystery Plant Box.

Elm Dirt Mystery Box also includes an 8-ounce bottle of our Plant Juice (fertilizer)


Mystery Box Types

Elm Dirt’s Mystery Plant Box will have two options!




Yearly Mystery Plant Box Subscription – If you purchase our yearly mystery plant box you will receive a plant(s) every 3 months for the next year. Receiving 4 mystery boxes in a year after purchase. Year mystery plant box will be a one time payment. No worry about mystery charges!

One-time Mystery Plant Box – If you purchase your one-time mystery plant box you will receive a mystery plant box from us! No recurring payments.

When you can order



Elm Dirt Mystery Plant Box will be available to purchase starting September 2nd through September 12th. 


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