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Plant Juice:
America’s Only ‘Zero Digest’
Organic Plant Probiotic

Make up to 32 gal with each bottle!
Elm Dirt’s Plant Juice is a unique synergistic micronutrient AND probiotic formulation that energizes house plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawn/ grass, cacti, vegetables, and anything else that grows in the dirt by…
  • Accelerating root, stem, and leaf growth in seedlings…
  • Jumpstarting slow-growing house plants and bringing yellowish plants back to life…
  • Eliminating plant stress during transplanting (including seedlings)…
  • Revitalizing wilted plants suffering from heat stress…
  • ​Stimulating fruit trees to sprout new growth and blooms while making edible foods healthier…
  • ​And turning virtually ANYONE with a passion for plants into a ‘green thumb’ overnight…
Naturally Reinvigorates Any Plant…
Works for Home Gardeners and Growers
Maximizes root growth
Attract honey bees and pollinators
Gives plants Macro and Micro Nutrients
Improves plant health and yield up to 40%
Adds healthy bacteria to soil

Back To School Special – 20% Off

 3 Jars 96 oz
(for up to 96 gallons)


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What makes Plant Juice different?

Plant Juice plant food is hand brewed for each order using fresh chemical-free worm castings and organic plant vitamins, so you’re giving your plants exactly what nature intended to make them grow stronger and healthier.

Remember, one ounce of Plant Juice will give you 2 gallons of organic, probiotic-filled plant food, which is good for boosting microbial activity in both indoor and outdoor plants.

Plant Juice fills ordinary plants with an endless amount of ‘natural’ energy so they want to grow more flowers and bloom, sprout new branches, shade your home, and choke out weeds.

Plant Juice is perfect for indoor plants because it’s never stinky (unlike fish-based fertilizers) because it’s engineered to reduce bad organisms and keep healthy bacteria alive.

And it’s for all these reasons that we recommend the 3-jar option. This ensures you never run out of Plant Juice when you need it most.
How often do I need to use Plant Juice on my plants?
We recommend adding a dose of Plant Juice every other time you water your plants.

Is it safe?

We have two dogs and two young children. And one of our dogs will eat the leaves off literally every indoor plant in our house. But with Plant Juice we’ve never had to worry about him getting sick.

I’ve also had the kids knock over my plants which is a nightmare because those little fertilizer pellets are impossible to clean up.

And you probably know that you have to clean them up quickly before somebody eats them or pops one in their mouth.

But with Plant Juice that’s not something I have to worry about any more.
Plus when the dogs and kids are barefoot in the backyard they’re not absorbing chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides through their feet!

How long does an open container last? Will it go bad once the seal is broken?

It really depends on how big your garden is. But a little goes a long way. And one small 16-ounce jar can give you up to 32 gallons of probiotic rich, plant wellness.

Does it work on any plant, shrub, flower, tree, or type of grass?

Absolutely. It works on anything that lives in the ground.

Can this be used for hydroponics?

Yes, it’s very effective in that manner. But please keep in mind that you’ll have to rinse and change out your water more often anytime you add microbes to a hydroponic solution.

How long does it take to start working?

Most people start noticing a visible difference within 5-7 days. And we’ve found that Plant Boost helps certain types of seeds start sprouting in just days, instead of taking up to 10 days or more.

Can this be sprayed onto the foliage in a 2-gallon sprayer?

Yes, Plant Juice works well in hand-held pump sprayers and soil drenching is the best way to concentrate microbes and enzymes in the root zone. While spraying leaves and foliage is perfect for repelling insects and adding extra nutrients in all the right spots.

Do I still need to Plant Juice if I use worm casting in my soil?

Yes. Worm castings are fantastic for making soil softer and for laying an optimal microbial foundation. But with added nutrients inside Plant Juice, alfalfa, kelp, lactobacillus, and calcium extract, you’re getting a full-spectrum program for creating ‘living soil’.

What if I accidentally add too much Plant Juice to one of my plants?

Since this is organic and 100% all-natural, you have nothing to worry about because an extra dose won’t harm your plants. However, we don’t recommend using more than suggested. In this case, more doesn’t equal better.

What if Plant Juice doesn’t work for me?

No problem. You have 6 FULL months to decide if Plant Juice is for you. So if at any time during those 180 days, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of Plant Juice, we’ll happily refund your entire purchase.

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