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Organic and Sustainable

Elm Dirt is focused on sustainability, organic farming and gardening with its foundation built on vermicomposting. We developed our fertilizers without the negative environmental effects synthetic fertilizer manufacturing usally has, and bring to the table a permaculture apporach.

Roots First

Our Roots-First approach uses microbes, fungi, and organic ingredients to build up the root system of plants to make them thrive and grow like you’ve never seen before.

Women Owned

Lauren Cain developed and founded Elm Dirt in the heart of Kansas City in 2020 during the pandemic.

Liquid Fertilizers

Our microbe rich, organic fertilizers are all you need to Juice up your plants. From Flowers to House Plants to Lawns and Farms, there isn’t a plant our Juices can’t help.

Soil Fertilizers

All of our soil fertilizers and mixes have been developed with your plants in mind. Whether you want something for your green leafy plants, or want to give your flowering and fruiting plants a boost; we have what you are looking for.

First time plant parent?

Here you will find plant care instructions for all plants including watering, soil type and sunlight!

The Science Behind Our Products

Our products were created using the principals of Korean Natural Farming and Permaculture to boost naturally occurring microorganisms and turn non-manure based waste into high quality soil. 

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