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“The beef sticks are amazing. I had stopped eating most meat snacks because of the poorly sourced beef and other harmful ingredients. The fact that these are made with 100% grass fed beef and no junk means I can eat them without any side effects. The taste is amazing! I eat at least one every day - SO GOOD!” - Laura W.

People of All Ages Are LOVING These Beef Sticks

So what better way to simultaneously avoid ultra-processed, high carb, sugar-laden foods while adding in a nutrient-dense, healthy protein source than to grab a beef stick!

But there are two big problems with most beef sticks:

1. Most beef sticks are made with extremely poor quality beef – often from industrial factory farms. And, since the term “grass fed” is unregulated, even many of the “grass fed” beef in the USA is actually grain fed.

2. Most beef sticks are made using a preservative called Encapsulated Citric Acid (ECA) which contains GMO citric acid coated with toxic hydrogenated oils such as cottonseed or soy oils.

So what do you do if you want a healthy, nutrient-dense protein snack?

These beef sticks are clean, healthy, 100% grass-fed, non-GMO, pesticide-free, ECA free, gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and are naturally fermented so they contain zero preservatives:

From the desk of Autumn Smith:

FDNP, Holistic Nutritionist and Co-founder of Paleovalley

A recent study reported that the average American gets approximately 60% of their calories from ultra-processed foods and nearly 90% of those calories are from refined sugars.

The report continues that this standard American diet can cause many health issues and the result is a population that is both overfed and undernourished.

This is why it is vital that we cut back on ultra-processed, high sugar foods and replace them with more protein-rich and nutrient-dense foods.

One of the most nutrient-rich, healthy protein sources is 100% grass fed beef.

A joint study between the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina concluded that grass-fed beef is better for human health than grain-fed beef in many ways:

Compared with grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is:

  • Higher in vitamins A, D, E, K and B-vitamins thiamin & riboflavin
  • Higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium & potassium
  • Higher in total omega-3s
  • A healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids
  • Higher in CLA which can boost fat burning
  • Lower in saturated fats

"These are great for snacks or meals on the go as they have no sugar and are loaded with healthy fats, clean protein and they are naturally fermented. These meat sticks reduce cravings and promote healthy blood sugar levels, hormone balance and good digestive health."

Dr. David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS


Paleovalley's mission and the products they make are exactly what this world needs more of! And beyond that, their beef sticks are incredible and such a great snack to have in your pantry! I keep a box full in my local office for a quick go to in between interviews, meetings, and creating videos. This company is not only doing better for our bodies, but for the planet as well.

Dr. Mindy Pelz, Best Selling Author

Oh. Wow.

These are the ones!

I remember eating old-world style meat sticks in a rural town in the German countryside. They were delicious and fermented so they weren't tough, dried out or chewy like other meat sticks.

They were the meat sticks I've compared all others to.

And nothing has even come close, until now.

What I’ve found is that regular mass-produced, convenience store beef sticks and often the other "grass fed" beef sticks are made with factory farmed meat and loaded with sugar, grains and preservatives that destroy the flavor and make for a quite unhealthy product.

The best tasting beef sticks, it turns out, are also the healthiest beef sticks.

Our beef sticks are delicious and the healthiest, most conscientiously sourced beef sticks we've ever seen.

Here’s Just a Few Reasons Why These Are the Healthiest Beef Sticks:



Most of the beef sticks for sale in grocery stores are made with factory farmed, industrially raised meat. With grain fed beef you get meat that is fed GMOs and antibiotics and the result is often a poor quality protein source. Many companies are even labeling grain fed beef "grass fed" since the term is largely unregulated and importing it from halfway across the world.

100% grass fed and finished beef ensures you're getting beef that was never fed grains or put on pastures loaded with pesticides and chemicals. Our beef sticks are made with the highest-quality, 100% grass fed beef from small scale American family farms using regenerative farming practices to produce the healthiest meat possible.



For the most nutrient-dense beef, you don't want cattle to be confined in a feedlot or small pasture that can be easily overgrazed. The cattle should be moved to new pasture daily in order to eat a more diverse diet of fresh grasses while the previous grazing pasture is given time to heal and regrow. Less than 1% of the beef in the U.S.A is rotationally grazed in this manner. You deserve properly raised, nutrient-dense beef raised on lush grass pastures instead of in an industrial feedlot.



Encapsulated citric acid (ECA) is an ingredient used in commercial beef stick production to preserve the sticks quickly. Unfortunately, the citric acid is typically derived from GMO corn and is then coated with highly-inflammatory, ultra-refined oils such as cottonseed, soy or corn oils. This processing aid is used in most meat snacks today - including other "grass fed" sticks.

Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are made using old-world style, natural fermentation in the same way our ancestors used. This means a shelf-stable product without the use of encapsulated or other preservatives.



One complaint we see from new customers is that their previous meat snacks were difficult to chew and gave them digestive discomfort on top of that.

We all know how most beef jerky can be nearly impossible to chew but it can oftentimes cause digestive distress because of the other preservatives used. One common preservative is called encapsulated citric acid which contains GMOs and toxic oils.

But because of the natural fermentation you’ve just read about above, Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are much more juicy than other meat snacks making them easy to eat, delicious and gut-friendly!



Our beef sticks contain the highest quality ingredients we could find. That means 100% grass fed and finished beef from regenerative farms, mineral-rich, unprocessed sea salt and seasoned to perfection with certified organic spices.



Most commercial beef sticks are made in huge batches using cheap ingredients and processed as quickly as possible to maximize profit. At Paleovalley, we do things very differently.

As you know by now, we naturally ferment our beef sticks in order to avoid the use of preservatives. Each beef stick is crafted in small batches and is fermented to the perfect taste and texture. This process takes 5x longer but we believe it creates a healthier, gut-friendly and delicious beef stick that is unlike anything else on the market.

But Wait... There's More!


Our beef comes from highly-principled, American family farmers using regenerative farming practices. This method of farming not only creates healthier meat but has a positive impact on the earth. When cattle are properly raised without feedlots, grains, and pesticides and are allowed to graze in their natural manner it actually has amazingly beneficial effects on the pasture.

It helps rebuild topsoil, promote plant and animal biodiversity, enhance local ecosystems, improve water retention, and even sequester carbon.


We are dedicated to creating the most nutrient-rich, delicious beef sticks in the world. And we're also as dedicated to making high quality products without cutting corners. That's why we never add problematic ingredients.

Paleovalley beef sticks contain absolutely NO gluten, grains, soy, corn, dairy, refined sugar, sugar alcohols, encapsulated citric acid or preservatives.


Most beef sticks are made with unhealthy preservatives. These preservatives often contain GMOs and toxic seed oils that can be harmful to your health.

We naturally ferment our beef sticks in order to create a delicious sticks without the use of encapsulated citric acid or other preservatives.


Many cattle are grazed on pastures sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals which has been shown to end up in the meat. We are committed to regenerative farming and use absolutely no chemicals on our pastures.

We rotationally graze our cattle on lush, chemical-free, nutrient-rich grasslands which means healthier, more nutrient-rich meat.


Our 100% grass fed beef is raised on chemical-free pastures which contain no GMOs. And while most meat snacks use conventional spices that are likely to be genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides, we only use non-GMO, certified organic spices to create the perfectly seasoned meat stick.


Nearly 80% of the grass fed beef consumed in America is actually imported. Often, the meat is shipped from halfway across the world from countries such as Australia, Brazil, Uruguay and more.

We believe that American pasturelands are some of the best in the world for raising nutrient-rich beef. All of our beef is raised by American family farmers and is never imported.

From Our Farms To You:
Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks

We have created a clean, nutrient-dense protein meat snack that we believe is the best in the world. Our beef sticks taste delicious, they’re not overly dried out and tough like other meat snacks, and they don’t contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, pesticides or industrially raised beef like so many other brands found in stores or on Amazon.

We know this may be your first time as a Paleovalley customer. This is likely your first time trying a meat snack so pure, clean, and delicious.

So we have a deal for you.

We know you’re going to love these beef sticks. After one try, you’ll never go back to mass-produced, convenience store meat snacks with harmful preservatives and poor quality, feedlot beef.


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"Taste wonderful!"

Got mine in the mail today! They taste wonderful!! I've never really been big on beef sticks, but I absolutely love these. And to think they're healthy!!! Yay!

- April S., USA



I ordered, received and promptly tried one your beef sticks. They are incredible & perfect…I am so happy to have discovered them.

- Cassandra G., USA


"A Great Healthy Choice"

Everyone loved them. We saved money by buying in bulk, everyone could get the flavors they liked and we have plenty on hand for trips, snacks, school lunches etc. A great health choice on hand for parent, kids and teens.!

- Cynthia S., USA


"Best Beef Sticks"

OMG I HAVE TO SAY these have got to be the best beef sticks I have ever had!!! So delicious and extremely tasty!!!

- Megan P., USA

Snack Healthy AND Save The Planet

When you eat a Paleovalley 100% Beef Stick you are doing more than just fueling your body with a clean, nutrient-dense protein snack.

You are helping to support American family farmers who use regenerative farming practices. This method of farming helps rebuild topsoil, promote plant and animal biodiversity, enhance local ecosystems, improve water retention and avoid runoff and even sequester carbon all while avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides.


What if this product isn't for me? We don't want you to order anything that you aren't 100% happy with.

Therefore, we have a 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee so if you aren't thrilled with your order just let us know and we'll refund you without any questions asked.

We are proud to have incredibly loyal customers who love our products and we're confident you will too. No matter what you are covered by our 100% money back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied with any of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How many packs should I order?

Each pack contains ten 1 oz sticks and, on this page only, you can get 50% off. However, we recommend taking advantage of our 8-pack option so you can get FREE S&H. And keep in mind, if you have kids there is a very good chance this will be their new favorite snack so order enough that you don’t start a house war over beef sticks!

 Is this a subscription?

No, it is not. While we do offer subscriptions on our website this offer is not a subscription. There are no surprise charges or future orders. We simply want you to have a chance to try our 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks.

 What are the ingredients in each flavor?

Original: 100% grass fed beef, water, unprocessed sea salt, organic dextrose from tapioca (used to initiate the fermentation process), celery juice, organic black pepper, organic red pepper, organic garlic powder, organic coriander, lactic acid starter culture from non-GMO beets, stuffed in a dye-free beef collagen casing.

Jalapeño: 100% grass fed beef, water, unprocessed sea salt, organic dextrose from tapioca (used to initiate the fermentation process), celery juice, organic jalapeño powder, organic chopped jalapeño, organic black pepper, organic red pepper, organic garlic powder, organic coriander, lactic acid starter culture from non-GMO beets, stuffed in a dye-free beef collagen casing.

Summer Sausage: 100% grass fed beef, water, unprocessed sea salt, organic dextrose from tapioca (used to initiate the fermentation process), celery juice, organic allspice, organic coriander, organic nutmeg, organic white pepper, organic black pepper, organic mustard seed, organic paprika, lactic acid starter culture from non-GMO beets, stuffed in a dye-free beef collagen casing.

Garlic Summer Sausage: 100% grass fed beef, water, unprocessed sea salt, organic dextrose from tapioca (used to initiate the fermentation process), celery juice, organic allspice, organic coriander, organic nutmeg, organic white pepper, organic black pepper, organic mustard seed, organic paprika, organic garlic powder, lactic acid starter culture from non-GMO beets, stuffed in a dye-free beef collagen casing.

Teriyaki: 100% grass fed beef, organic raw honey, teriyaki style seasoning (sea salt, organic ginger, organic paprika, organic nutmeg, organic onion powder, organic fenugreek), organic dextrose from tapioca (used to initiate the fermentation process), teriyaki sauce (organic coconut sap, organic garlic, sea salt, organic ginger, organic cayenne pepper), celery juice powder, lactic acid starter culture from non-GMO beets, stuffed in a dye-free beef collagen casing.

Original, Jalapeño, Summer Sausage, Garlic Summer Sausage

 Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on orders of 8 packs or more you will receive 100% FREE shipping and handling (US Only)

 When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped within one business day. Most orders take 2-3 days on average to arrive once shipped.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

Our 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are shelf-stable at room temperature for 1 year. They do not need to be refrigerated but will last even longer if you keep them refrigerated. They can be kept frozen for 1 year – simply leave at room temperature to thaw and enjoy!

 Do these contain any gluten, grains, corn, soy, dairy, or GMOs?

No, these 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are free from GMOs, gluten, grains, corn, soy, and dairy.

 Are the livestock treated humanely?

We often receive questions regarding how our livestock is harvested in a humane manner. We honor and respect the sacrifices our animals make to provide us with nourishment, and we want our customers to feel peace of mind knowing this sensitive process is handled with great care and respect. The facilities utilize design and animal-handling techniques developed by renowned animal welfare expert, Temple Grandin. Throughout all stages great care is taken to ensure humane and ethical treatment of our livestock so that our animals experience minimal stress and no pain. Additionally, great care is taken to utilize all parts of the animal because we believe in responsible raising and sustainability.

 What makes Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks better than other similar products?

First off, we haven’t found any other similar products. There are several “grass fed” beef sticks on the market but ours is different for three main reasons.

1. Our beef is actually 100% grass fed and finished while others often claim “grass fed” only to finish the cattle on grain for the last few months of their lives. This process of grain finishing is enough to negatively alter the biological makeup of the animal, causing a more inflammatory product with fewer vitamins and nutrients.

2. Organic spices. Other products typically cut corners and use conventional spices because they are much less expensive. Spices are some of the most beneficial and antioxidant-rich foods on the planet. We do not consider spraying them with pesticides and then irradiating them to be beneficial processes when it comes to your health.

3. No encapsulated citric acid. This is where our beef sticks truly shine. Literally every other similar beef stick on the market (yes, even the so-called “healthy” ones) contains an ingredients called encapsulated citric acid. While this may sound innocent enough it is actually a very health damaging ingredient used for nothing more than preserving the product. It contain citric acid (sometimes lactic acid) typically derived from GMO corn which is then coated with hydrogenated oil – an ingredient known to cause massive amounts of inflammation. Instead of using this ingredient we use old world style, natural fermentation to preserve our sticks. The result is a delicious stick that is much juicier than others and, thanks to the fermentation process, the presence of gut-friendly probiotics.

 Is the organic dextrose used as a sweetener?

We’re glad you asked because we use organic dextrose for a very health conscious reason. First, our dextrose is derived from 100% organic cassava root (also known as tapioca). It is NOT used as a sweetener at all. We use a very small, trace amount (about 1/4th of 1 gram per stick) for the sole purpose of activating the fermentation process. By the end of the ferment there is little to no dextrose remaining in the stick as it has been consumed by the beneficial probiotic bacteria. Third party lab analysis has confirmed there are 0 grams of sugar in our beef sticks.

 What if I don’t like the taste after trying them?

We don’t want you to order anything that you aren’t 100% happy with. Therefore, we have a 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee so if you aren’t thrilled with your order just let us know and we’ll refund you without any questions asked. Over 99% of our customers love our products so we’re confident that you will too. No matter what you are covered by our 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with any of our products.

Doctors, Naturopaths and Wellness Professionals Love Paleovalley

"Paleovalley's Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the perfect protein snack to stay Paleo compliant while letting you take some time off from cooking. They are one of my favorite resources that I turn to when I need something quick and easy (and for travel)!"

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD
FASCP, Thyroid Pharmacist

"I love using parts of the Paleo lifestyle in my own diet but have always struggled with finding a quality, high protein snack. The grass fed beef sticks are now my go to after a workout. They are so good, even my kids eat them!"

Pedram Shojai, OMD
The Urban Monk

"We are big fans of the Paleovalley grass fed beef sticks. They are my go to food when traveling because they are high-protein, portable, shelf stable, and are gut-friendly. Their products are absolutely delicious and individually packed for on-the-go (no refrigeration needed!). But also at home, my kids love them as a convenient and healthy snack. They have several different flavors and are a constant in our pantry!"

Katie Wells
Wellness Mama

"As a Culinary Nutrition Expert, the ingredient list is the first thing I check when evaluating a new food product. I absolutely love how intentionally clean Paleovalley meat sticks are: 100% grass fed/finished beef. The best! And as someone who cares deeply about our earth and future earth, the sourcing from regenerative farms is not only admirable but absolutely necessary. I'm so excited for you to experience these top-notch Paleovalley products!"

Megan Lindquist
AHCC Educator & Host of the Medicin Podcast

"I've been snacking on Paleovalley beef sticks for over four years now. Their quality in sourcing is second to none and an amazing real food source of protein that I chow down whenever I'm in between meals but need something to hold me over. The grass fed beef tastes great and is super clean!"

Anthony Gustin

"These beef sticks remind me of the Polish “kabanos” which uses ancient meat fermentation techniques to preserve and store the sticks for a long time. This time-consuming and intricate technique used in Paleovalley's beef sticks is what allows the product to be additive free and taste unbelievably good this is my go-to snack at home and when I'm camping and hiking."

Magdalena Wszelaki
Hormones Balance

"Paleovalley and beef sticks are my lifesaver! They are literally in every bag I carry with me when I leave home so I've got a gut + skin friendly protein snack whenever I need it. Plus they taste so much better than any of the other beef sticks I've tried."

Jennifer Fugo

"I am always trying to find real food, convenient ways to get more protein into my diet – Paleovalley Grass Fed Beef Sticks have become my go-to! I always have one in my purse or a diaper bag for when a snack attack hits… For me or for my kids!"

Dr. Katie Harney

"People always ask me for god snack options. Paleovalley beef sticks are a no brainer. Delicious, protein packed, and our kids can't get enough of them."

Robb Wolf
Former Research Biochemist, Best-SellingAuthor

"My family and I love Paleovalley beef sticks. They are the perfect on the gooseneck, packed with protein and are both keto and Paleo friendly. Made with the highest quality ingredients, I truly trust this brand."

Cynthia Thurlow

"It is hard to find good quality products out there these days. That's why I love Paleovalley! I love the fact that their beef sticks are grass fed/grass finished which is the highest quality beef out there. Plus they use a unique fermentation process instead of preservatives which is more cat friendly! They're the cleanest, easiest on–the–go snack for my family and I!"

Drew Manning

"I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite bioavailable protein snacks on the market: Paleovalley's 100% grass fed and grass finished beef sticks. These bad boys are blended with all-organic spices and are naturally fermented, so they not only taste delicious but also support your gut. This is one of the best unique, flavorful, healthy, guilt-free snack options I have found."

Ben Greenfield


Autumn Smith

What if this product isn't for me? We don't want you to order anything that you aren't 100% happy with.

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