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What is Generational Soil?

Generational soil builds on itself year after year so your children and grandchildren can continue to farm your land while increasing yield, strengthening crops, increasing drought tolerance, and reducing input costs.

How do you get it?

By focusing on soil and plant health and rebuilding soil microbial populations

Our farmers deserve the best

It’s time for a wholistic and natural approach to fertilizer. Our organic, sustainable, and regenerative ingredients have our crops, and our planet’s, best interest in mind.

People, pets, pollinators and planet friendly

Fertilizer so safe your 3 year old can apply it while your puppy chases them in your farm. Fertilizer that does more for you by reducing water usage and run-off to our water systems.

Growing Beyond NPK

Plants need more than just NPK to thrive. Synthetic fertilizer only provides the bare minimum for life for a plant. Our crops have been needing micro nutrients and microbes without you knowing it.

Probiotics + Whole Foods for your crops

 Let our microbes be your personal plant caretakers for you delivering a complete balanced plant diet.

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