Bloom Juice Helped Revive Chemically Harmed Award Winning Roses Into 57 Ribbons

In May 2022, a veteran championship rose grower reached out to me because his rose garden had been accidentally oversprayed with weed killer. In his 35 years of growing championship roses, this had only happened one other time and it had been devastating. That year he ended up losing half of all his rose bushes and didn’t enter any competitions. So this year he was terrified that would happen again!


We set him up with our Bloom Juice to help revive the roots of his rose bushes and start them flowering again. It took 6 weeks of once a week feedings before his roses were out of the woods. Once out of the woods, he continued the feeding to get those blooms back to championship standards.


Now championship standards are pretty strict. They require that all foliage looks pristine and that the roses are centered among the leaves. The stems must be straight and the roses themselves must be perfectly formed. Then cut at the perfect time for them to be just open enough or fully opened but not past their prime.


In August 2022, he entered 70 roses in the Missouri Rose Championship and he came away with 57 awards! Including 9 out of 13 best in class ribbons. More than he had ever won before!

He went from being concerned that he would lose half of his rose bushes to winning the most amount of ribbons he had ever won!



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