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Get up to 25% off select bundles

Bundle 1

$ 67
  • 10% OFF
  • 2 Plant Juice
  • Aroid Mix
  • Elm Dirt Shot Glass
  • Get 2 bottles of Plant Juice, a bag of Aroid Mix and a Elm Dirt shot glass. Prefect for houseplants,

Bundle 2

$ 75
  • 11% OFF
  • 2 Plant Juice
  • Ancient Soil
  • Elm Dirt Shot Glass
  • Get 2 bottles of Plant Juice, a bag of Ancient Soil and a Elm Dirt shot glass. Perfect for creating healthy soil blends.

Bundle 3

$ 75
  • 25% OFF
  • Plant Juice
  • Kelp Mist
  • Plant Perfection
  • Elm Dirt Shot Glass
  • Get a bottle of Plant Juice, a bottle of Plant Perfection and Kelp Mist. Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants.

Plant Juice is Safe For All Plants


Keep houseplants healthy and green with Plant Juice! Simply added Plant Juice to your watering routine and watch your plants thrive. Use Plant Juice to propagate new plants! Topicals love the nitrogen rich formula. Perfect for topicals, pothos, anthuriums, cacti and succulents.


Provide your garden with beneficial microbes to lock in nutrients and condition the soil! Water your garden with Plant Juice to see growth you've never seen before. Use to start seeds and throughout the growing season. Perfect for leafy greens and starting seeds!

Outdoor Plants

Keep your outdoor plants green and vibrant! Microbes and non-plant food ingredients help build plants tolerate to heat stress and drought. Also use Plant Juice to help build your plant tolerance to pest and disease.

Trees and Shrubs

Help your trees build a stronger root system giving them strength to resist any weather conditions. Also build a secondary root system using fungi, this is called mycorrhizae. Helps trees lock in nutrients, uptake nutrients and connect with other plants, avatar effect.

Why Choose Us

100% Organic and All-Natural Ingredients

Safe for People, Pet, Pollinators and the Planet

All Ingredients are Sustainably Resourced

Includes Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Microbes and Non-plant food Ingredients

Plant Perfection

Plant Perfection isn’t just for giving your plants an all-natural shine, it helps get rid of pest and their eggs you can’t see. It helps repels dust and can get rid of pesky hard water spots on your plant leaves! Helps repel soft-bodied insects and can help kill pests including fungus gnats, aphids, and mites.

Kelp Mist

Kelp Mist helps plants use nutrients more efficiently by helping deliver the nutrients in a form the plant can uptake. Tolerate drought and heat stresses better. Boost soil microbe activity to help condition the soil, deliver nutrients and create a healthier plant.

Aroid Mix

Elm Dirt has tailored a Premium Aroid Mix to imitate the plants natural environment of the rainforest floor. Orchid bark creates a chunky mix allowing air circulation to these plant’s unique roots. Ancient Soil provides nutrients to promote new growth. This blend is well-aerated while maintaining a sufficient amount of moisture.

Ancient Soil

Take your soil back to ancient times when everything grew easily. Ancient Soil contains the earth’s natural ingredients from volcanos to oceans, to worm casting.

Our Ancient Soil contains over 600 different species of microorganisms that become your master gardeners by delivering nutrients and protecting your plants from bugs, disease, and drought. Add it to your favorite soil and watch your plants thrive.

Client Testimonials

“I actually have two new leaves growing on my Monstera! This stuff is great. I am almost done with 1 bottle and all my house plants are starting to flourish.”
“Neighborhood can't stop talking about my garden this year!! WOW what a difference!! Plants loaded with veggies. So healthy!! I highly recommend this company and the owners. I am a Retired Pharmacist and know quality in products. TRY THE PRODUCTS!!”


Plant Juice is safe for all and all stages of plant life! Plant Juice is concentrated so you will need to dilute before watering your plants. 

Start by shaking the product well. Next, dilute Plant Juice with dechlorinated water for maximum microbial activity. For BEST results using dechlorinated water.

Add Plant Juice to a watering can, foliar spray or hose end sprayer.

Use Plant Juice when you are watering your plants! Be cautious not to over water your plants.

Dilution Recommendations

  • Houseplants 1 -2 ounces per gallon of water
  • Outdoor Plants and Garden 2 – 3 ounces per gallon of water
  • Lawn and Bushes 3 ounces per gallon of water
  • In Ground Trees 1 cup per inch tree diameter with one gallon of water
  • Potted Trees 2 ounces per gallon of water

Plant Juice is safe for all plants! Use on indoor and outdoor plants. 

Yes! Plant Juice can be used in any system. Irrigation, Hydroponic and Hose end sprayers. 

Yes it can be! We recommend using Plant Juice as a soil drench.

Yes! Plant Juice is safe for people, pets, pollinators and the planet. Made with zero harsh chemicals. Microbes in Plant Juice lock in nutrients helping with run off.

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